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Moroccan Rugs For an Eclectic Feel

December 8, 2015

Moroccan Rugs For an Eclectic Feel

Woven by indigenous peoples since the Paleolithic Era, Moroccan rugs remain one of the most popular on the market. Admired for their unique design characteristics, Moroccan rugs were popularized in the West by mid-century modern designers such as Le Corbusier who paired Berber carpets with sleek, minimalist furnishings. My clients seek my services to explore both vintage and contemporary Moroccan carpets for their spaces.

I have curated a number of my current favorite Moroccan rug examples for you to enjoy.

Tony Kitz
Vintage Moroccan Carpet

Minimalist Vintage:
18182 Vintage Moroccan Carpet
size: 4 ft.-3in. wide by 8ft. long

A spectacular example of a vintage carpet made by Beni Ourain peoples in the High Atlas Mountains. I love this carpet's eccentric, modernist qualities that make it reminiscent of a Richard Serra painting. Its natural dyed and undyed materials and nice surface would make for a great addition to a room with contemporary artwork and modern furnishings.

Vintage Moroccan Carpet

Vibrant Color Field:
16371 Vintage Moroccan Carpet
size: 5ft.-10in. wide by 12ft.-4in. long

A vibrant example of a vintage, High Atlas Mountains carpet that dates from the 1960s to the '70s. I admire the quality and striation of color in this piece that give it a landscape orientation, evocative of a mountain range. This carpet reminds me of a Mark Rothko painting with its horizontal color field appearance. I would place this carpet in a space that highlights natural elements like wood and stone.

Vintage Moroccan Carpet

18392 Vintage Moroccan Carpet
size: 6ft. wide by 11ft.-2in. long

A fantastic example of a vintage checkerboard field carpet that dates from the 1960s to the '70s. The checkerboard pattern is an archaic textile design that is seen in carpets that date from pre-Columbian era to modern day. I enjoy how the almost random use of color throughout gives it an urban edge.

Contemporary Moroccan Carpet

Crisp Blue:
18043 Contemporary Moroccan Carpet
Size: 8ft.-6in. wide by 13ft.-5in. long

This contemporary carpet is unique for its bright blue color, which is not traditional of Moroccan style. With its large scale, the carpet's color reads as an infinite plane of blue with color striation that is reminiscent of the ocean. The carpet's white pattern adds a sense of electricity. I love how this carpet is a fresh take on a classic color combination.

Black, White, and Red All Over
19552 Contemporary Moroccan Carpet
Size: 10ft.-2in. wide by 13ft.-10in. long

A contemporary carpet with a bold palette of black, white, and red. This example resembles a horizontal mountain scape with a dark sky or desert landscape. The pink/red lattice is a classic Moroccan design element that gives the carpet a beautiful, bright edge and truly makes it pop.