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Flat Woven Carpets: A High Impact Statement of color and design that can be used with many different interior styles.

October 29, 2014

Flatweave Jajim

When most of my clients come in to see me they are thinking about color and design. The concept for the design of a room often starts with the conversation of color and that leads to carpet and fabric choices.

There are an infinite number of carpet choices available from custom designed examples made in Nepal and Turkey, Central Asian tribal carpets, and Traditional Persian style rugs, among the many to choose from. One type of carpet that is often overlooked is the kilim or flatwoven carpet. Many of the flatweaves often have some of the best color and a more honest and archaic pattern than many of the pile carpets from the same regions. These examples were often used in a utilitarian way by the weavers and their family's. They lack the influences of outside design sources and draw on traditional patterns and use of color that go back centuries.

I like offering kilims to my clients as a surprising alternative to the more traditional pile carpet. They can be a very unexpected and have spectacular results for an interior that wants that wonderful punch of color or stronger design.

I have chosen a number of my current favorite examples. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Tony Kitz

The Big House:
18842 Afghan Kilim
size: 13ft.-4in. wide by 20ft.-3in. long

I love striped kilims and textiles and have collected them for years. The simple pleasure and beauty of waves of color moving off into the horizon brings the feeling of a connection to the natural world. This earth toned example is an exceptionally large size. Its movement of abrashed earth tone colors and variegated lines can provide a great start to the big open room.

Eccentric Electricity:
18812 Turkish Kilim
size: 3ft.-9in. wide by 8ft. long

A spectacular zig-zag example with orange and earth tones. This kilim was woven near Konya Turkey in the first half of the 20th century. A smaller example for a bright pop of color. The eccentric flame stitch looking pattern can relate to both classical and contemporary furnishings. A statement of design and color to set the tone for an exciting room.

18133 Jajim
size:6ft.-8in. wide by 11ft.-9in. long

A mixed technique example from Turkey. Woven in plain flatweave with a supplemental weft float brocade to create the design. I love the color variation is this piece and the moody range of earth tone color with its green, purple and grey tones. The surface of this kilim is very textural and has a true artisan hand woven quality to it. One of my favorites.

Colorful Diamonds:
18810 Konya Kilim
size:5ft.-8in. wide by 9ft.-6in. long

This slit tapestry weave example relates to early Anatolian village weavings. The strong reciprocal diamond lattice pattern is present in two large field pendants as well as the primary border. The vibrant earth tone and citrus colors can compliment a variety of room moods. This piece has the feeling of being curated and collected.

Minimal Modern:
18546 Striped Jajim (SOLD)
size: 10ft. wide by 14ft. long

This Modern example was woven in India. It takes all its inspiration from both Turkish and Moroccan utilitarian tribal examples. The offset lines and simple black and white color are the essence of A pure geometric textile format. A number of my design clients have used examples such as this one to create a very sophisticated backdrop for fine furnishings and contemporary art. I love the unexpected pop this gives to a well appointed room.