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Perfect Art and Carpet Pairings

Walls and Floors: Perfect Art and Carpet Pairings

January 18, 2016

The first things I notice when I step into a room are the artwork and the carpet. When my clients approach me eager to find a carpet that lends itself to a pre-furnished space, I always work to ensure that my selection not only suits the room’s furnishings but also its artwork. Below I have highlighted a few of my carpets and their corresponding art pairings.

Barbara Vaughn  Ikat Carpet

Barbara Vaughn & Vibrant Ikat
18182 Ikat Carpet
size: 5ft. wide by 7ft.-5in. long

This vibrant ikat carpet is hand-woven out of vintage sari silk in India. The carpet’s big, bulbous designs hark back to a traditional ikat pattern but have been modernized with fresh color and scale. With its bold, organic forms, this carpet would pair well with a graphic black and white photograph by Barbara Vaughn.
Mark Rothko & Turkish Color Field  Turkish Carpet

Mark Rothko & Turkish Color Field
18425 Turkish Carpet
size: 2ft.-9in. wide by 4ft.-2in. long

This 1930s Turkish rug is actually part of my own personal collection. I adore how the border serves as the perfect window into the yellow and green color field. The minimalism and layering of color in this carpet are truly stunning. With its simple palette and horizontal layers of deep color, it is the perfect match for a Mark Rothko painting.
Chuck Close & Button Pattern American Hooked  American Hooked Carpet

Chuck Close & Button Pattern American Hooked
60124 American Hooked Rug
size: 3ft. wide by 4ft.-11in. long

This American Hooked carpet has a unique button motif in which no two dots are the same. I love the carpet’s modern and organic movement in both positive and negative space. While I think it would be easy to pair it with a pointillist painting, I can’t help but see the resemblance to the round shapes that painter Chuck Close utilizes to compose his photorealistic portraits.